Devoxx Ukraine 2019

The short note on how we have attended Devoxx Ukraine 2019 - one of the biggest local tech conferences

Devoxx Ukraine 2019

Here at AmiFactory, we struggle to knowledge and really enjoy technologies we use in our daily work. But always good to know if your knowledge, tech stack and architecture approaches are relevant and widely used in the industry. That's the reason we take part in specialized community events, meetups and tech conferences.

Last Friday-Saturday we've attended one of the biggest tech conferences - Devoxx Ukraine. More than 60 international speakers from the top tech companies: Edson Yanaga (@yanaga), Burr Sutter (@burrsutter), Alexey Loubyansky (@aloubyansky) from RedHat, Cliff Click (@cliff_click) from CRATUS, Sebastian Daschner (@DaschnerS) from IBM, Hugh McKee (@mckeeh3) from Lightbend, Chris Thalinger (@christhalinger) from Twitter, and many others.

The key points that we have noted during two days of talks and deep dives:

  • The world is actively moving to a microservice approach to building modern software. The technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and other infrastructure management tools help in adopting this approach. Even industry-standard enterprise technologies like Java changes to suit microservice apps requirements: project Quarkus from RedHat helps dramatically reduce resulting app size and memory consumption;
  • Serverless and cloud functions are coming. This architecture approach helps to concentrate on business problem solving and avoid friction like infrastructure and resources management. Besides, it helps to be prepared for unpredictable loads and avoids huge bills from your cloud provider;
  • The code we write affects not only the digital world around us but also our planet ecology. Effective code and algorithms use less computing resources → computers or servers use less electricity → this reduces total energy-consuming, which increases every year. But in most cases, the business doesn't care about ecology and only money-driven goals work here: minimization of computation workload reduces operating expenses, minimization of traffic consumption extends your audience on the areas, where Internet access is expensive and/or limited and so on.

The conference left only positive emotions despite some organization issues. Great speakers, interesting and useful talks, networking and general atmosphere. All these got us a huge portion of the inspiration and desire do cool stuff. And who knows, maybe next time you will see our engineers in the list of speakers.