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VLS GreenSpot

EV charging stations management and monetization system

  • Ukraine
  • Transport
  • Full cycle development

VLS Energy is the young and fast-growing Ukrainian EV charging provider with the fast and easy-fast charging network. Technology-driven software and hardware infrastructure with the tier collaboration of experts from different industries do possible to the company keep a high quality of EV charging service. We have designed, developed and launched complex of software solutions that help both B2C and B2B segments and ensure flexible and reliable management of EV charging network.

How do we work?

We prefer agile but at the same time determined and predictable processes. Here how it works

Requirements & Research

After initial agreement and NDA signing, we start collecting requirements, do small researches to find and describe potential challenges if any exists.

Features & estimations

We select right technology stack, make features list to initial project backlog filling and make a raw project estimation.


We coordinate the project, features, delivery stages and deadlines with you. After the full agreement, we sign the software development contract.


We fill the sprint backlog according to features priority and send the commitment letter to you. This is the first step of the development lifecycle.


We design, code and test project iteration for two weeks. At the end of the sprint, we do a demo for you. This is the second step of the development lifecycle.


We do small post-demo fixes if any requested and deploy project increment to beta or production environment. This is the last step of the development lifecycle.


From tight communication through transparent processes and effectiveness to excellent results

  • Effectiveness

    We always try to choose the right tools, technologies and approaches for each task to meet your aims and requirements. And automation that helps us don't spend time on routine and focus on what really matters.

  • Team

    Great guys at the right place united by the single idea to create cool things right and deliver valuable solutions to the market. We are talented and responsible engineers that proud of what we do.

  • Working process

    We use the determined and predictable working process, combined with the tight cooperation of customer and team members - all to reach the best results and celebrate your next success launch.

  • Skills

    Nobody knows everything. Nobody except Google. Just kidding, but anyway, we always try to expand our knowledge to stay on cutting edge of our industry and be professionals of what we do.

  • Expertise

    We dive into the business domain of our customers to find the most effective solutions. Instead of ‘How to implement this?’ we trying to answer the questions like ‘How people will use this?’ and ‘How this will solve the problem?’

  • Future support

    We always care for every product we have launched or any work we have done, so we provide future support and consultation. Also, we are happy to see you again even after a long time in case you will decide to start a new iteration of collaboration.

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